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Colerain High School Alumni Association

     There are some in most every class whose mailing address is unknown. Help us out by reviewing the list -- either by class year or last (maiden) name, and let us know the mailing address of anyone you know included on the list. Without their address, we're unable to send them our newsletter and let them know about individual class reunions.  Be sure to include their e-mail address, if you know it. The Alumni Association realizes that some alumni would not like to be found. Please make sure that if you send us information on missing persons, that they want to be included. Upon receipt of missing information, from someone other than the missing alumni, we will attempt to verify the information.

     Help us out! Send us an e-mail to
Class Year Last Name
1925-1959 A - B
1960-1964 C - E
1965-1969 F - H
1970-1974 I - L
1975-1979 M - O
1980-1984 P - R
1985-1989 S - T
1990-1994 U - Z

Name (Maiden) [Year]
Karen Caffazo [1982]Beverly J Cahall [1972]
Heather Caldwell [2007]Susan Caliguri (Leighton) [1981]
Chieko May Calina [2000]Daniel J Callahan [1966]
David E Callahan [1973]Joanna Callahan [1992]
Kathleen R Callahan [1967]Dawn C Callies [1977]
Rodney L Callihan [1974]William T Camp [1989]
David W Campbell [1965]Deborah A Campbell [1972]
Elsie M Campbell [1967]John Campbell [1985]
Leslie A Campbell [1980]Randy L Campbell [1988]
Sandi Campbell (Kidd) [1982]Steve F Campbell [1981]
Kathleen Candelaresi [1977]Christopher M Cannon [1976]
Kimberly G Cannon (Fox) [1980]Michael J Cannon [1975]
Matthew J Cappel [1995]Frieda Carelli (Rowland) [1964]
Wayne A Carey [1967]Don L Cargile [1976]
Chelsea Carlotta [2003]Michael W Carlton [1984]
Ronald Carlton [1969]Shera M Carlton [1968]
Eddie CarmackEldred Carmack [1995]
Jenny Carmack [1989]Donald Carmosino [1969]
Lenora Carnes [1982]Jeff Carney
Jeffrey L Carney [1992]Ryan P Carpenter [1993]
Doug B Carr [1981]Kim C Carr (Griffin) [1980]
Jeremy Michael Carrier [2000]Michael D Carroll [1969]
Jeffrey K Carson [1972]Kathy Carson (Bailey) [1964]
Raleigh W Carson [1965]Ron Carson [1984]
Dominique Carter [2010]Karen Carter [1985]
Kathy A Carter [1974]Rodney V Carter [1966]
Ron Carter [1977]Shae Carter [2007]
Lynn Cartu (Lupken) [1970]Michael J Casagrande [1990]
Kevin Casbeer [1982]Edward R Casch [1967]
Jan Case (Stortz) [1987]Joseph D Case [1982]
Connie J Casey [1974]Yvonne D Cash [1967]
Anthony H Cassini [1980]Diana G Casterline [1990]
Patti Castleman (Timm) [1969]Catherine Caton
Frank R Cavanaugh [1962]Rebecca L Cave [1983]
Judy A Cavinder [1971]Karen E Cavinder [1968]
Laura L Cease [1980]Victoria Cease [1979]
Dave Center [1977]Robert L Centrulla [1982]
Jo Anne Chamberlain [1975]Alice A Chambers [1968]
Mary A Chambers [1975]Richard Chambers [1977]
Ronald Chamblin [1970]Beverly Chance (Klump) [1960]
Mary I Chaney [1976]Michael J Chaney [1986]
Stephen F Chaney [1968]Carol A Chapman [1967]
Marla Chapman [1972]Erin A Chappell [1992]
John Chappell [1987]Titus Chappell [1999]
Tracy G Chappell [1990]Praipan Chareonsap [1970]
Kim Charles (Weisman) [1978]James R Chase [1969]
Denise M Cheatham (Konen) [1982]Kelly Chestnut (O'shea) [1978]
Faye ChildersGary Chinn [1970]
John Chow [1974]Thomas Chow [1971]
Michael C Christman [1968]Robert D Christman [1975]
Stacy Christofield [1987]Elizabeth L Christophel [1971]
Jane L Christophel [1974]Pamila Christophel [1972]
Denise L Ciambrone [1973]Fred Ciucci
Brianna Clark [2015]Christopher P Clark [1992]
Corby A Clark [1976]Debra Clark [1970]
Edward C Clark [1969]Jon P Clark [1983]
Lester R Clark [1973]Linda Clark (Scroggins) [1977]
Rita C Clark [1973]Thomas B Clark [1970]
Dawn Clarke [1977]Denise V Clarke [1969]
Janice Clawson (Mattfeld) [1955]Lois J Clay [1975]
Regina Clay [1981]Reginald Clay [1980]
Renee Clay [1981]Angelique J Clayton [1994]
Brian D Clayton [1990]Eric S Clayton [1991]
Gregory S Clayton [1995]Marcus J Clayton [1995]
Donna R Clem [1974]Eileen Clem (Zloba) [1969]
Gregory J Clem [1975]Steve Clem
Margaret Clements [1961]Teresa L Clemons [1978]
Peggy Cleveland (Yaeger) [1960]Bradley Clevenger [2007]
Joseph Clevenger [2010]Thomas Clevenger [1981]
Phillip P Clifford [1969]Eugene Clifford Iii [2007]
Dale R Clift [1969]Brian D Clingner [1990]
David Clontz [1983]Sherry A Clower [1985]
Robert Cockefair [1958]Shannon M Codling [1990]
Andrew G Coffin [1933]Midge Cohen (Grote) [1944]
Mildred [midge] Cohen (Grote) [1944]Steve Cohen [1985]
Kellie A Colandria (Wildermuth) [1990]Cynthia Cole (Folino) [1979]
Doug Cole [1986]Jackie Cole (Huff)
Ken Cole [1996]Narita Cole [1973]
Paula J Cole (Korb) [1983]Sandra L Colegate [1982]
Joseph Coleman [2008]Dave N Collett [1996]
Randy L Collett [1971]Amanda Collie [2009]
Bob Collins [1989]Charles Collins [1974]
Francis P Collins [1971]Pamela A Collins (Presutto) [1975]
Christina L Combs (Mchugh) [1975]Gayle Combs [1984]
Paul E Combs [1980]Terrie Jo Combs [1985]
Theresa C Combs [1980]Willard Combs [1974]
Connie J Compton [1975]Michael D Compton [1971]
Gary Condon [1979]Nancy G Condon [1983]
Clarys Cone [1960]Eudell Conley (Daniels) [1960]
Joan E Conley [1966]Jon P Conley [1988]
Lisa Conley [1989]Jenny R Connelly [1991]
Paul Conrady [1971]Allie Conroy [2010]
Chadwick Conroy [2008]Kayla Conroy [2005]
Mark S Conroy [1980]Carol Convertine [1971]
Brenda S Cook (Huckelby) [1973]Carol Cook [1960]
Christopher G Cook [1988]James L Cook [1971]
Judith A Cook [1965]Keith A Cook [1969]
Linda Cook (Harvey) [1970]Nancy L Cook [1973]
Bill Coombs [1974]Constance Coon
James Coon [1969]Angela F Cooper [1981]
David J Cooper [1971]James D Cooper
Mary Cooper [1979]Peggy A Cooper [1986]
Barbara L Cope [1974]Douglas L Cope [1975]
Sandra C Cope [1985]Craig R Copenhaver [1993]
Eric R Copenhaver [1990]Kristi Copenhaver
Kristy Coperhaver [1996]Don Coppage
Thomas P Corcoran [1981]Maria Cordeno (Moscoso) [1966]
Amy CoricoAmi S Coriell (Knepfle) [1992]
Delores A Cornelius [1967]Dennis J Cornelius [1970]
Jeri M Cornelius [1972]Jeffrey S Cornett [1981]
Colleen M Corrigan [1974]Dennis A Corrigan [1976]
Brian E Corry [1977]David E Corry [1980]
Diane M Corry [1981]Steven E Corry [1985]
Colleen A Costa [1976]Deborah A Costa [1977]
Trina Cothran (Jones) [1984]Carlye B Cotterell (Hopper) [1995]
Gary A Cotto [1987]Barb Coughlin (Lewis) [1964]
Matt Coulter [1989]David Council [1977]
Lorraine Council [1966]Kristina Court [2003]
Matthew W Courter [1989]Ann Courtney [1989]
Opal Covert (Arnold) [1943]Orlando V Covington [1992]
Carlton C Cowan [1999]Kathleen Cowen (Carpenter) [1977]
Cathy S Cox [1984]Cheryl R Cox [1975]
David A Cox [1978]Gloria J Cox (Stewart) [1972]
Joyce Cox [1972]Keith Cox [2008]
Kenny Cox [1984]Kevin Cox
Salle L Cox [1964]Shana L Cox [1995]
Terri R Cox [1971]Esther Coy [1950]
David Crabtree [1988]Michael R Crackel [1968]
Sheila J Craft [1968]Alyce Jo Craig [1949]
Courtney Craig [1926]Lynda Craig [1979]
Tammy Craig (Stacey) [1980]Russell Cranford [1979]
Norman L Crawford [1952]Greg Creasy [1973]
Colleen Creech (Smyth) Dean Creech [1983]
Kenneth C Creech [1967]Daniel A Cregar [1967]
Dennis E Cregar [1969]Mark A Crego [1973]
Amy N Cresap [1995]Marian L Crider [1970]
Joyce Crisp (Huddleston) [1970]James Criswell [1970]
Julie Croley (Spielmann) [1977]Michael A Crooker [1973]
Jennifer Cross [2003]Loren E Cross [1988]
Misty Cross [1994]Laura J Crotty (Dallalio) [1964]
Rita Crowe (Feldkamp) [1968]James D Cruz [1994]
Steven Cruz [1996]Mark T Culbertson [1991]
Paulette J Culbertson (Ballard) [1961]Jeffrey R Cullman [1976]
Lori R Cullman [1977]Barbara J Cullum [1976]
Tasha M Cummings [1987]Diane Cundy (Deganis)
Jennifer Cunningham [1976]Jennifer L Cunningham (Madill) [1992]
Sherry J Cunningham [1972]Greg A Cuozzo [1990]
Linda D Cuozzo (Shadoan) [1970]Inmon Cupp Iii [2009]
Jeffery Cutter [1985]Holly Czimbal [1997]
Kelly S Czimbal [1993]Rick Dabney
Lora Dadosky (Riddle) [1986]Melissa M Dagley [1982]
Wayne J Dagley [1980]Paul T Dahill [1993]
Lillian V Daigle [1972]Mike Dalton [1969]
Phillip M Dalton [1994]Marianne R Dames [1976]
Virginia Damron (Hicks) [1956]Stacy Dan [1973]
Eleanor Dangel (Funk) Debra Daniel [1974]
Joan Daniel (Doppler) [1967]Deandre Daniels [2015]
Frances Daniels (Lane) [1962]James R Daniels [1971]
Michael W Daniels [1976]Sharmyn Daniels [1983]
Darlene Dargay (Holtgrefe) [1978]Arlene Darling (Coleman) [1962]
Ted Dartnall [1975]Gina T Darwish [1987]
Debbie Date (Odell) Debbie S Daugherty [1973]
Linda S Daugherty (Halsey) [1975]Robert Daugherty [1994]
Timothy DaughertyCheryl A Daulton [1972]
Carl A Davenport [1985]Marla A Davey [1975]
Abigail Davidson [2010]Kelly L Davidson [1991]
Jacqueline Davies [1974]Anthony D Davis [1981]
Barbara E Davis [1968]Bernice Davis (Braeunig) [1942]
Branden Davis [2005]Carl E Davis [1968]
Denise A Davis (Bernhardt) [1976]Donna L Davis [1987]
Isaac Davis [2003]James Davis [1998]
Jeremy Davis [1996]Larry L Davis [1976]
Lisa Marie Davis [1980]Monica L Davis [1984]
Phyllis M Davis [1974]Sandra L Davis [1965]
Shela Davis (Roth) Susan Davis [1980]
Theodore Davis [1979]Tom Davis [1978]
Toni Y Davis [1988]Troy A Davis [1986]
William M Davis [1995]Zinima L Davis [1977]
William Davis Iii (Roth) [1980]Ann M Davolos [1968]
Daniel D Davolos [1974]Marilyn L Davolos [1970]
Andrew Dawson [1984]Anthony H Day [1965]
Christopher Day [1994]Erik R Day [1995]
Jeanette E Day [1964]Martin J Day [1988]
Matthew A Day [1995]Nicholas Day [1984]
Robert Day [1965]William Day [1963]
Peeyush Dayal [1989]Maria D De Magalhaes [1979]
Colette A De Salvo [1988]Monique M De Salvo [1986]
Suzette R De Salvo [1980]Wayne J De Wald [1975]
Jae L Dean [1974]Vicki L Dean (Kist) [1968]
Martin A Dearwester [1968]Robert C Dearwester [1965]
Blake Deaton [2014]Wells Debera (Daley)
Cheryl Debour (Lipp) [1979]Victoria A Debrandes [1967]
Brian K Deck [1990]Lisa K Deeb [1977]
Claudia Dehner [1970]William S Dehner [1994]
Shonna Delaney (O'connell) John J Della Torre [1983]
Mary A Della Torre [1980]John Dellatorre
Michelle L Demaris (Danner) [1989]David A Demerle [1983]
Richard Demerle [1980]Marcus Demeropolis [1982]
Jessica Denewitt [1998]Ronald J Denicola [1986]
Dawn R Denier [1995]Elizabeth J Denier [1981]
Scott Denney [1984]Michael Dennie [1980]
Roy Dennler [1957]Harold W Dennon [1975]
Angela C Denny [1992]Eric J Denton [1987]
Tracy Derby (Jacques) [1980]Cherylee A Derry [1967]
Charles Determing [1974]Diane Dettmer [1998]
Kathleen Devanney [1963]Megan E Dewbrey [1976]
Cynthia L Dewey [1975]Donald C Dews [1975]
Rita Di Menna [1974]Rosita Diaz [1992]
Susan Diaz (Geisen) [1971]Alex Dicecco [1980]
Steve Dickel [1972]Diane D Dickerson (Davolos) [1971]
Juanita A Dickhaus [1983]Glenn E Dickinson [1973]
Jason Dicks [1996]Mychael Dicks [2005]
Janice Didusch (Byars) [1966]Andrew S Diedling [1969]
Joyce L Diegmueller [1976]Marvin E Diegmueller [1967]
Douglas D Diehl [1972]Jacqueline M Diekman (Lipps) [1965]
Phyllis Diener [1968]Suzanne L Diers [1989]
Dan Diersing [1956]Debra Diersing [1980]
Evelyn Diersing (Lewis) [1958]Janne Diese (Palletti) [1974]
Joseph Dietz [1970]Kenneth J Dietz [1983]
Cristine Maria Difabion [2000]Heather M Dillard [1995]
Patricia Dilworth (Kohl) [1970]Keith Dimarco [2002]
Nadia Dimarco [2015]Pasquale G Dimarco [1985]
Lisa Dimuzio (Millard) [1980]Dawn K Dinkelacker [1983]
Jon J Dinnesen [1990]Melissa Dischar (Crane) [1997]
Alan Distler [1968]Ervin J Distler [1943]
Jack Distler [1965]Melissa A Distler [1994]
Rakesh Dixit [1983]Calvin Dixon [2007]
Frederick G Dobbratz [1972]Susan Dobbratz [1974]
Patricia J Dockweiler [1967]Susan L Dodd (Graf) [1969]
Angela Dodge (Adams) [1989]Steve Dodge [1989]
John L Dodson [1982]Cordia E Doench [1995]
John A Doerger [1975]Maria Doerger [2005]
Susan M Doerr [1965]Dennis Dohme [1971]
Mark G Dohrman [1976]Robb M Doll [1992]
Scott M Doll [1976]Bobby Doller
David DollerBarbara R Dollin [1972]
Anthony Donatello [1956]David Donegan [1975]
Lea M Donley [1987]Carol J Donnella (Hoffmann) [1961]
Daniel P Donnelly [1977]Linda Donnelly [1978]
John Dooley [1978]Patrick Dooley [1975]
Stephanie K Dooley [1988]Michelle Dorenbusch [1988]
Bas Dorland [1994]Darlene Dornacher [1977]
James C Dornacher [1972]Robert C Dornhagen [1971]
Shauna Dorrel (Watson) [1977]Frances Dorrmann [1955]
Diana L Dorsey [1966]Nancy H Dorsmueller (Beckett) [1971]
Linda M Dorso [1975]Julia R Dorst [1968]
Brian P Dosier [1995]Stephen C Dossenbach [1973]
Desiree M Dossenback [1999]Rebecca L Dossey [1990]
Michael A Dowd [1990]Glenn Dowers [1953]
Deon W Doyle [1990]Gary Drain [1960]
Lorrie Draxler (Toothman) [1983]Daniel Drees
Susan L Dreyer [1976]Barry L Dreyling [1971]
Chester R Drifmeyer [1968]Tracy R Dryden [1983]
Johnny Du Bose [1977]Sharon D Dubose [1976]
Victoria A Dubose [1977]Thien Duc Le [1977]
Jennifer L Duckworth [1992]Mary L Dudek (Gall) [1966]
Bonnie Dudley (Schmitt) [1973]Wayne R Dudley [1968]
Greg A Dudsic [1988]Joyce Duecker
Linda K Duerr (Sullender) [1973]Craig Dugan [1979]
James W Dugan [1977]Ole C Duhn [1976]
Deborah M Dumford [1978]Daniel T Dunaway [1978]
Sandra L Dunaway [1980]Amanda V Dunbar [2004]
Linda L Duncan (Haupt) [1965]Steven B Duncan [1980]
Kayla Dunn [2006]R Chadwick Dunn [1993]
Scott Dunn [1980]Renee Dupont (Soell) [1987]
Linda S Durbec (Hines) [1967]Melinda Durbec [1989]
Paul M Durbec [1973]Jeffrey Durbin [1973]
Kelly Jo Durbin [1988]David R Durham [1971]
Donna J Durham [1976]Dennis P Duritsch [1978]
Kellie Durkin (Rothenbusch) [1979]Harlan Durr
Janalea D Duryea [1971]Jeffrey L Duryea [1971]
Marie Dutton (Pietroforte) [1943]Bonnie S Dykes [1982]
Jim Eagle [1981]Adrian Earley [1975]
Donald Earley [1977]Donna Earley [1981]
Michael EarleyRoxanne T Earley [1990]
Gwendolyn EarlyRon Easton [1959]
Angela M Eberhart [1995]Angela Ebheart [1995]
Jimmy Echoles [1986]Peter W Eckert [1986]
Philip EckertCharles D Edens [1995]
Heather R Eder [1995]Frances Edgecomb (Meyer) [1942]
Emily F Edington (Mccarty) [1991]Robert E Edmison [1975]
Brittiny Edwards [2009]Cheryl K Edwards [1977]
Rita M Edwards [1969]Susan B Edwards (Wisman) [1967]
Aaron Egan [1989]Anthony M Egan [1976]
Alice Egbert [1932]Emily Egbert [1926]
Carrie Eggers (Ellis) [1997]Mitch Eggers [1977]
Deborah E Eggert [1971]Robert W Eggleston [1970]
Daniel J Eglseder [1975]Jeanne M Eglseder [1976]
Judith L Ehrhardt [1970]Jeremiah D Ehrhart [1992]
Mark S Ehrnschwender [1972]Raymond Ehrnschwender [1970]
Anita G Eichelbrenner [1974]Donna J Eichelbrenner [1975]
Bruce C Eichenberger [1971]Robert Eichenberger [1960]
Ray E Eicher [1968]Michael J Eichert [1991]
Olaf K Eide [1992]Jan Eilers (Freireich) [1965]
Robert M Eisenmann [1967]Charlotta L Eissfeld [1974]
Bonnie Elam [1980]Charles Elbe [2015]
Wendy R Elder [1990]Tara Eldred (Eldred) [1996]
Donna M Elfers [1968]Denise L Elkins [1992]
Jerome C Ellaback [1967]Byron Eller [1979]
Damien Eller [1997]Joshua T Eller [1999]
Sylvia Ellert (Schaefer) [1981]Michele Ellington (Ecklar) [1989]
Brenda W Elliott [1969]David P Elliott [1994]
Donald A Elliott [1976]Patricia A Elliott [1973]
Stephanie Elliott [2008]Terry Elliott [2000]
Carolyn D Ellis [1970]Donald Ellis [1976]
Jefferey Ellis [1965]Pamela L Ellis [1969]
Patty Ellis (Hudec) [1972]Robert C Ellis [1981]
Scott Ellis [1983]Sheila Ellis (Knollman) [1979]
Sherry L Ellis [1986]Clara Ellsworth [1954]
John E Elsen [1974]Sandra Elsen [1963]
Rick L Embleton [1973]Joseph D Emery [1999]
Amanda L Emmons [1993]John Emmons [1966]
Melvin Emmons [1970]Ralph S Enderle [1974]
Wilbert J Enderle [1985]George Endicott [1946]
Joseph A Endicott [1973]David Endres [1986]
Ellen E Endres (Engel) [1986]Kevin R Engel [1978]
Regina [lynne] Engel [1982]Tim N Engel [1973]
Myron EngelkeKaren S Engelmann [1967]
Richard H Engelmann [1971]Richard V Engels [1975]
Steve Engle [1988]John G Engst [1965]
Erik B Engstrom [1993]Margaret Eppert (Pegram)
Daniel Epure [1986]Kim M Erbach [1982]
Lynn M Erbs [1966]Sandra Erbs (Koch) [1970]
Todd J Erickson [1992]Michael A Erisman [1968]
Amy E Erler [1988]Darlene Erler (Fessler) [1973]
David R Ernst [1969]Edward J Ernst [2001]
Melissa Ernst [2002]Stephanie M Ernst [2004]
Kasie Ertel [1998]Donna L Erwin [1965]
Diane S Esslinger [1967]Roger Estes
Tina Eubanks (Noschang) [1984]Ethel Evans [1932]
Joey D Evans [1991]Mark E Evans [1999]
Michael J Evans [1976]Patricia L Evans [1966]
Tina K Evans [1984]Doris J Everett [1970]
David Eversole [1962]Cynthia A Ewald [1980]
David F Eydel [1973]

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