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Colerain High School Alumni Association

     There are some in most every class whose mailing address is unknown. Help us out by reviewing the list -- either by class year or last (maiden) name, and let us know the mailing address of anyone you know included on the list. Without their address, we're unable to send them our newsletter and let them know about individual class reunions.  Be sure to include their e-mail address, if you know it. The Alumni Association realizes that some alumni would not like to be found. Please make sure that if you send us information on missing persons, that they want to be included. Upon receipt of missing information, from someone other than the missing alumni, we will attempt to verify the information.

     Help us out! Send us an e-mail to
Class Year Last Name
1925-1959 A - B
1960-1964 C - E
1965-1969 F - H
1970-1974 I - L
1975-1979 M - O
1980-1984 P - R
1985-1989 S - T
1990-1994 U - Z

Name (Maiden) [Year]
Darlene Merle Macdonald (Macdonald) [1973]Laura Macias [1994]
Patricia H Mack [1965]Kennard F Macke [1971]
Richard E Macke [1968]Robin L Macke [1982]
David P Mackie [1974]Marcella Maclean (Weber) [1972]
Daryl L Madaris [1976]Stephen M Madaris [1973]
Jeffrey Magee [1988]Joyce A Magee [1976]
Nancy S Magee [1971]William S Magly [1977]
Robert M Maham [1969]Carla L Mahaney [1974]
Pam A Maher [1981]Eileen M Maier [1971]
Jean E Maier [1964]John A Maier [1992]
Kristi M Maier [1994]Gary Maisch [1990]
Robyn M Maisch [1994]Mike Majikes [1973]
Antoinette Makris [1970]Carolyn C Makris [1968]
Roger Malarkey [1958]Margot R Malje [1965]
William T Mallard [1967]Maiya Malone [2013]
Emily Mancini (Smith) [1970]Gretchen Mangold (Hagen)
Kimberly Manifold [1981]Peggy Manley [1983]
Karen L Mann [1976]Gertrude B Manning [1967]
Sherry L Manning [1980]Patricia J Mansey [1965]
Kathy L Mansfield [1976]William R Mappes [1967]
Larissa A Marcelli [1982]Emma March [1932]
Mark M Maringer [1977]Theodore M Maringer [1982]
John E Marini [1973]Elizabeth Mark [1985]
Kim M Markert [1967]Sharon K Marks [1980]
Marian Marley (Foley) [1973]Michael Marquet [1995]
Robert Marquet [1966]Kimarie Marsan (Buckmeier) [1979]
Daniel C Marsh [1977]Louis D Marsh [1969]
Robert MarshStephen T Marsh [1978]
Steven G Marsh [1976]Tonya Marshall (Belser) [1986]
William S Marshall [1969]Brenda Martin (Rice) [1969]
Christine K Martin [1981]Dave Martin [1996]
Deborah A Martin [1978]Debra S Martin [1976]
Diane T Martin [1975]Garry Martin [1980]
Jillian D Martin [2001]Jim Martin [1979]
Jonathan Martin [2000]Judith A Martin [1972]
Karol Martin (Driehs) [1970]Le Ann Martin (Morgan) [1972]
Michael J Martin [1966]Mike Martin [1996]
Raymond D Martin [1972]Rebecca L Martin [1991]
Robert Martin [1964]Robert M Martin [1977]
Ronald L Martin [1994]Sandy Martin
Dean Martini [1977]Joseph Martini [2011]
John M Martz [1994]Nina Marx [1979]
Aunjalik Mason [2015]Charlene C I Mason [1967]
Gregory Mason [1975]Gregory M Mason [1971]
Mitchell J Mason [1980]Perry B Mason [1976]
Patricia A Massey (Moloney) [1972]Jerry T Massie [1962]
Frederick P Master [1990]Gary O Mastin [1966]
Ronald Mastin [1967]Ronald P Mastin [1968]
Timothy S Mastin [1992]Michael Mateikat [1980]
Lisa M Mathes [1985]Tracy L Mathes [1988]
James Matthews [1978]Steve J Mattis [1969]
Lauren Mattox [2000]James Mattscheck [1961]
Kathy Mattscheck (Gregory) [1960]Michael A Mattson [1977]
Donald Mauney [1973]Michelle Mauntel [1999]
Adam Maurer [2002]Courtney Cole Mayberry [2000]
Brandi Mayborg [1990]Kennedy Mayes [2018]
Lori Ann Mayes [1988]Leesa Mayhaus (Koking) [1981]
Jenny MaynardLisa D Mays [1982]
Melissa Mays [1989]Michael D Mays [1976]
Suzzanne M [mindy] Mays [1988]Dave Mazzei [1985]
Erik J Mcafee [1991]William J Mcalister [1991]
Julie Mcarthur [1979]Linda Mcbride [1980]
Maria L Mcbride [1978]Jerry Mccane [1996]
Arlene M Mccann (Havens) [1975]Dennis M Mccann [1967]
Jane M Mccarthy [1975]Lydia M Mccarthy [1973]
Micheal Mccarthy [1979]Richard M Mccarthy [1982]
Diane M Mccarty [1975]Timothy M Mccarty [1993]
Willie R Mccarty [1986]Deborah Mcclain (Wilson) [1971]
Theresa A Mcclain [1977]Scott Mcclay [1996]
Laura Mcclellan [1974]Eddie Mcclintock [1970]
Correna Mcclure (Mayes) [1996]Craig Mcconnell [1946]
Mary Ann Mccord (Huy) [1976]Sally Mccormick (Dunaway) [1979]
Candace A Mccoy [1972]Karen S Mccoy [1971]
Allen Mccracken [1972]Christina Mccracken (Stegman) [1989]
Mark Mccracken [1987]Donald E Mccrane [1969]
Gregg A Mccullah [1982]Diane Mcculley [1979]
Cari Mccullough [1995]Bryan S Mccurry [1981]
Candace Mcdaniel [1989]Pat Mcdaniel (Reis) [1952]
David Mcdine [1972]Christine Mcdivitt
James A Mcdonald [1964]Michael R Mcdonald [1976]
Timothy B Mcdonald [1967]Angela C Mcdonough [1992]
Brenda Mcdonough (Gilbert) [1974]Richard J Mcdonough [1986]
Barbara McdowellJames W Mcdowell [1968]
Morris Mcdowell [1964]Roger Mcdowell [1979]
Sandra K Mcdowell [1969]Brenda Mcelfresh (Carter) [1986]
Melanie L Mcelroy [2001]Bruce Mcfarland
Victoria L Mcgaha [1987]Steve C Mcgaughey [1988]
Kedrick Mcgee [1982]Gregory Mcghee [1977]
Todd Mcgill [1985]Amy Mcginnis [1986]
Kathleen M Mcgovern [1965]Stephen D Mcgraw [1969]
Ellen L Mcguire [1977]Michael Mchale [1983]
Patrick Mchale [1987]Mike E Mchone [1987]
Patrick J Mchugh [1970]Destiny Mcintire [2009]
Rodney McintoshSandra Mcintosh (Ulrich) [1972]
Dennis L Mcintyre [1977]Edward C Mcintyre [1976]
Jim Mcintyre [1990]Linda K Mcintyre (Lund) [1973]
Robin L Mcintyre [1977]Randal K Mckeehan [1981]
Martin Mckeever [1975]Paul S Mckelvey [1960]
Janet R Mckenzie [1974]John Mckenzie [1965]
Mike Mckenzie [1965]Claire A Mckeown [1975]
Kelly MckewenRandy Mckinley [1973]
Paul T Mckinney [1977]David Mckisson [1972]
Sandra E Mclaren [1975]Barbara Mclaughlin (Schuur) [1979]
Debbie L Mclaughlin (Schubert) [1975]Kevin Mclay [1998]
Scott Mclay [1996]Rhonda R Mclean [1988]
Casey P Mcmahon [1994]Tim Mcmahon [1983]
Todd D Mcmahon [1987]Crystal Mcmillan [1985]
Tracey L Mcmillan [1987]Lori M Mcmillen [1977]
Douglas M Mcmullin [1990]Elizabeth Mcnulty [1990]
Joe McpeakDarrell L Mcpherson [1969]
James T Mcpherson [1968]Lawrence G Mcpherson [1967]
Lisa McphersonJon P Mcqueary [1977]
Jeff Mcquillan [1973]Eleanor M Mcquinn [1970]
Matthew S Mcvay [1990]Cheryl L Meadows [1980]
Nina M Meadows [1988]Shauna L Meale (Doerman) [1977]
Donna A Meeks [1980]Edward Meer [1995]
Kathleen M Meese [1976]Patricia J Mehring [1974]
Tejas Mehta [1992]Joseph R Meibers [1975]
Stephanie Meibers (Roeper) [1997]Harry Meier [1938]
Norman F Meier [1978]Joseph M Meiners [1974]
Robert W Meiners [1973]Daniel R Meininger [1971]
Lawrence V Meinor [1971]Michael Meissner [1960]
Kathryn Meister [2006]Gregg A Melch [1976]
Anthony J Melchiorre [1986]Rose Melford [1979]
Mark T Melson [1991]Drew Memory [2002]
Scott N Mendenhall [1970]Jane Menditto (Dill) [1961]
Fabiola D Menezes [1989]Tony Menifee [1996]
Charles Menkhaus [1986]James M Menkhaus [1982]
Robert Menkhaus [1981]Sharon R Mentzel [1975]
Jeffery P Menzel [1975]Kathy Jo Meredith [1966]
Deborah A Mergy [1976]Ted Merianos [1979]
Mary Merideth [1963]Judith A Merkel [1962]
Todd C Merrall [1993]Jenny K Merrell [1992]
Diane Mers-kelly (Uphus) [1978]David J Mersch [1971]
Jerome B Mersch [1975]Mary Mersch [1970]
Charles J Meryl [1991]Amie M Merz [1995]
Andrew Mesisklis [1982]Aaron K Messer [1972]
Kevin MesserBeverly D Messerschmitt (Taylor) [1976]
Jeffrey L Messinger [1977]Jerry R Messner [1967]
Richard M [mike] Metcalf [1962]Carolyn M Metz [1988]
Dean Metz [1984]Thomas Metz [1981]
William R Metz [1977]Donna Metzger (Dixon) [1982]
John A Metzger [1976]William [bill] Metzger
Robert T Metzner [1983]Stephen G Metzner [1980]
Beverly E Meyer [1970]Bradley A Meyer [1999]
Brian Todd MeyerDavid R Meyer [1975]
Deloris L Meyer [1971]Dennis Meyer [1970]
Eric Meyer [1987]Gary Meyer [1985]
Jerome D Meyer [1982]John Meyer [1960]
Kelly E Meyer [1994]Lawrence R Meyer [1968]
Luann MeyerNancy M Meyer [1976]
Paula J Meyer [1982]Sherri Meyer (Douglas) [1979]
Timothy Meyer [2003]James T Meyers [1970]
Jean Meyers [1961]John E Meyers [1974]
Gerald N Michael [1994]Tambri A Michel [1976]
Douglas M Middendorf [1987]Judy N Middleton [1999]
W Russell [russ] Midlam [1944]John Mieling [1987]
Sherry Mieling [1983]Richard L Mienheartt [1971]
Jessica Mihailoff [2007]James P Milazzo [1985]
Micheal A Milazzo [1985]Holly Miles [2002]
Kenneth MilesTim Miles [1998]
Patti Millar (Beggs) [1974]Shawn D Millbaugh [1990]
Amanda Miller (Weber) [1999]Barbara Ann Miller [1986]
Barry W Miller [1965]Bradley M Miller [1981]
Christopher W Miller [1988]Dave J Miller [1973]
David W Miller [1975]Doug Miller [1970]
Frances M Miller [1970]Frank S Miller [1974]
J. Miller [1982]James R Miller [2001]
Jean M Miller (Schulhoff) [1973]Jennifer Miller [1976]
Judith Miller (Pohlar) [1969]Karle Miller [2004]
Kent J Miller [1971]Kevin Miller [2003]
Lawrence(larry) Miller [1969]Linda J Miller [1975]
Lisa M Miller [1987]Lori L Miller [1982]
Mark C Miller [1987]Michele E Miller [1971]
Michelle D Miller [1985]Nancy A Miller [1982]
Nicholas W Miller [1985]Richard A Miller [1968]
Robert Miller [1986]Sandra R Miller [1969]
Scott A Miller [1991]Susan D Miller [1980]
Tamara A Miller [1992]Tamara L Miller [1986]
Thomas Miller [1981]William D Miller [1984]
William E Miller [1968]William F Miller [1978]
John Millican [1972]Marcia L Millick [1971]
Deborah Milliek [1970]Robert J Milligan [1976]
Thomas Milliken [1987]Christina Mills (Martin) [1997]
Dale G Mills [1980]Karen J Mills [1977]
Michael I Mills [1964]Paul M Mills [1978]
Piper L Mills [1987]Richard Mills [1975]
Ricky Mills (Non Grad) [1984]Sheryl Mills [1985]
Kristie L Minges [1990]Zafar T Minhas [1986]
Mike R Mink [1975]Sherryl Mink [1973]
Holly Minnich [1979]Marsha A Minnich [1971]
Tom Minnich [1979]Thomas S Minnick [1972]
Empress Minnifield [2014]Gerald Minor [1979]
Thomas P Minor [1987]Omar F Minwalla [1988]
Taya M Miracle [1982]Frank J Miranda [1975]
Mike Miranda [1976]Marisa Miree [2008]
James Mirick [1997]Joyce Mirizzi (Britch) [1960]
Michael Mirizzi [1997]Mary C Mirman [1965]
Christy M Misch [1993]Bob Mischler [1983]
Renee L Mischler [1987]Karen S Mistler [1980]
Karen I Mitchell [1971]Nolan Mitchell [1980]
Pete G Mitchell [1974]Ralph L Mitchell [1965]
Tammie L Mitchell (Sorgs) [1981]Teresa R Mitchell [1975]
Timothy B Mitchell [1974]Audrey Mitts [1933]
Michelle L Mitts (Lohner) [1992]John G Mitzka [1980]
Cobrani Mixon [2006]Patricia R Mixon [1991]
Ron W [ronald] Mobley [1966]John Mock [1985]
Michelle L Mock [1987]Sharon L Mock [1972]
Sharon T Modafari [1978]Ashley Moeller [2004]
Edward F Moeller [1971]Philip R Moeller [1981]
Brian M Moeves [1993]Levi J Mohney [1995]
Deborah A Mohr [1972]Erin Mollman [2003]
Gary L Momberg [1965]Connie Momich [1964]
Michael Monaghan [1990]Peggy Monaghan [1982]
Tabitha L Monday [1993]Kim Monterosso [1978]
Charles E Montgomery [1988]Darrick Montgomery [1989]
David Montgomery [1983]Delon A Montgomery [1990]
Janet Montgomery [1964]Judy L Montgomery [1964]
Robert V Montgomery [1973]Shaquila Montgomery [2009]
Susan Montgomery [1970]Blaire Lauren Moody [2000]
Diane Moon [1970]Barbara D Moore [1974]
Beverly J Moore [1972]Jackie L Moore [1971]
Keith L Moore [1988]Lillian M Moore (Brent) [1967]
Marsha Moore (Knippenberg) [1970]Mike Moore [1979]
Patricia A Moore [1970]Richard Moore [1952]
Roger B Moore [1977]Sherry D Moore [1968]
Susan A Moore [1973]Veronica S Moore [1994]
Yorie L Moore [1999]Linda L Moorman [1969]
Susan L Moorman [1971]Steven J Moraites [1976]
Lucas Moreira [1997]Sherry Moreland (Brookshire) [1961]
Carol Morgan (Estridge) [1969]Carol Morgan [1977]
Dawn M Morgan [1990]Deborah Morgan (Schneider) [1978]
Lesley G Morgan [1978]Nancy Morgan (Seibert) [1973]
Newell Morgan [1974]Patty L Morgan [1972]
Raymond G Morgan [1969]Robert B Morgan [1979]
Roy Morgan [1972]Samantha Morgan [2008]
William L Morgan [1964]Michael Morrett [1984]
Dennis Morris [1980]James Morris [1961]
Tracy Morris [1996]Stephanie Morrison [2005]
Tommy J Morrison [1995]Lori A Morrissey [1983]
David K Morrow [1986]Tracie A Morrow [1983]
Margaret Mortimer (Grote) Allison B Morton [1977]
Julia Morton [1982]Rebecca A Morton [1991]
Marsha Mosbacher (Thompson) [1970]Judith L Moser [1975]
Kresta L Mosher [1995]Royce A Mounce [1973]
Sheree Mounce (Sorn) [1973]Kimberly S Mounts [1975]
Renee A Mounts [1992]Stephanie Mounts [1972]
John Mueller [1983]Kathleen R A Mueller [1970]
Lori Mueller (Huff) [1967]Robert D Mueller [1973]
Katelyn Muir [2015]Jayme Mulholland
John A Mulholland [1986]Michael Mulholland [2008]
Kerry J Mullaney [1980]Kevin R Mullaney [1981]
Mike Mullaney [1976]Tom Mullaney [1977]
Timothy M Mullen [1989]Robert Mullenhard [1934]
Sherry A Mullins [1973]Clarence Mullis [1959]
Rhonda M Munson [1990]Alan Murphy [1973]
Ann P Murphy [1972]Dreda Murphy (Kidd) [1957]
Jeffrey L Murphy [1974]Michael Murphy [1988]
Shea Murphy [1989]Christa D Murray [1994]
Matthew Murray [2005]Maureen Murray-schultz (Murray) [1982]
Karl E Musch [1967]Jean Musser [1970]
Michael [mike] Mutchler [1967]Susan J Myer [1971]
Betty Myers [1951]Carl Myers [1980]
Cathy A Myers [1964]Jay Myers [1982]
Jeffrey P Myers [1987]Steve A Myers [1975]
Todd P Myers [1987]Minnie N Mynatt [1972]
Douglas J Nader [1982]Alan Nagel [1960]
Amy L Nascimento (Vonstein) [1993]Donna Nash (Wissinger) [1969]
Nicole J Nash [1993]Ronda L Nash [1991]
Andre M Neal [1988]Deatra Neal [1985]
Karan D Neal [1964]Roger Neal [1962]
William W Neal [1969]Molly Jennings Nease [2000]
Margurite Needham (Buell) Cynthia Neeley [1982]
Bertha NeelyJustin Neely [1998]
Benyame Negussu [1987]Neil Nehrer [1987]
Joan Nelson (La Follette) [1943]Mary Jo Nelson (Reis) [1983]
Matthew Nelson [2011]Edward Nelson, Jr [2007]
Paul Nerswick [1986]Thomas Nerswick [1986]
Michael D Nettles [1995]Joseph R Neuhaus [1984]
Leslie M Neuhaus [1990]Janet S Neumeister [1970]
Carolyn J Nevels [1967]Jeffrey D Nevels [1981]
Gail Newman (Mcmillian) [1972]Timothy Newton
Hoang M Nguyen [1995]Mary Beth Nicastro
Pamela Nichols (Bising) [1968]Warren A Nichols [1987]
Paul A Nichulis [1985]Linda S Nickulis [1988]
Gary L Niederlehner [1967]Ricky Niefield [1994]
Bob Niehaus [1944]Chris Niehaus
Dan G Niehaus [1977]Michael H Nielsen [1977]
Deborah S Nienaber (Koch) [1981]Heather Nienaber [1992]
J Nienaber [1977]Deanna M Niesz [1994]
Robert F Niesz [1977]Russel Nightingale [1926]
Angela V Noble [1981]Charles A Noble [1968]
Julie L Noble [1985]Kathryn A [kathy] Noble (Mace) [1972]
Vaceisa L Noble [1991]John [jay] Noel [1996]
James G Noelker [1977]Dorothy Noes [1943]
Sylvia Noes [1926]Karen Noiman (Hubbard) [1969]
Cheryl A Noonan [1973]Dave Noonan [1989]
John E Noonan [1971]Holly Norman (Strohofer) [1982]
Jean A Norris [1968]Kenneth S Norris [1976]
Michael Norris [1968]Sherrie A Norris [1978]
Leonard North [1984]Veronica J North [1983]
Thomas M Nortman [1978]Daniel S Nowlin [1990]
Melissa Noyes (Sharp) [1997]Christopher L Nuckols [1984]
Sarah Nuckols [1989]Ken Nuessbaun [1990]
Dennis L Nuesse [1982]Gregory A Nuesse [1975]
Laura A Nugent (Harig) [1980]Teresa E Nunley [1976]
William E Nunley [1973]Ann Nutter [1989]
Kelly Nutter [1989]Linda S Nutty [1971]
Joseph Nuxoll [1956]James G Nye [1971]
Ruth Nye [1972]Heather L O'branion [1994]
Donna A O'brien [1966]Erik M O'brien [1992]
Thomas J O'brien [1973]Timothy A O'brien [1968]
Connie R O'connell [1977]Victoria A O'connell [1976]
Douglas O'connor [1977]Judy O'connor (Dent) [1961]
Kathleen A O'connor [1976]Nancy O'hara [1978]
Diana M O'keefe (Enderle) [1980]Dennis K O'neal [1972]
Denise S O'shea [1975]James W O'shea [1980]
Stephanie M O'toole [1983]Wade T O'toole [1967]
Walter O'toole [1964]Robert L Oakes [1971]
Leslie Oaks [1998]Tommy L Oaks [1990]
Lance D Oberdiear [1976]James M Oberschmidt [1970]
Carlee M Oborn [1991]Steven G Ochs [1975]
Wendy Ochs [1985]Susan Ocull (Humpert)
Kelly Oder [1997]Angela Oehler (Schube) [1978]
David E Oehler [1965]Nancy C Oehler [1968]
Richard T Oehler [1980]Robert W Oehler [1986]
Joseph M Oelker [1977]Tracey A Oelling [1987]
George Offutt [1958]Dale E Oglesbay [1970]
Gerald D Oglesbay [1968]Mark S Oglesbay [1973]
Steven L Ohmer [1993]Matt Oldendick [1989]
Charles L Oldham [1968]Albert Olding
Monica R Olding [1985]Tonni Oligee (Yaeger) [1965]
Danny Oliver [1970]Gwendolyn L Oliver [1965]
Allison L Ollier [1988]Susan J Ollier [1988]
Jane E Olson (Carmosino) [1970]Allison L Orkey [1988]
Kerry Ormond [1990]Ann L Ornella [1976]
Rhonda Orth (Easter) [1975]Ariel Ortiz [2013]
Richard P Ortlepp [1976]Donald W [don] Osborn [1967]
Kori OsbornSteven A Osborn [1994]
Brian M Osborne [2001]Michael D Osborne [1969]
Mindy Osborne (Osborne) [1982]Pauletta Osborne [1970]
Michael D Osgood [1978]Tom Oshea [1946]
Ashlie Ossege (Garratt) [1991]Jason D Ossege [2001]
Carol J Ossenbeck [1974]David Ossenbeck
Wayne A Ossenschmidt [1976]Gary Osswald [1968]
Gregory Osterbrock [1977]John D Osterman [1987]
Heather D Ott [1991]Martha C Ott [1977]
Mindy Ott (Ott) [1985]Stephanie L Ott [1975]
Jennifer R Otting (Mcdaniel) [1990]Greg Otting Jr [1991]
Douglas P Ottke [1990]Kayla Otto [2010]
Linda S Ourada [1976]Jeffrey D Overberg [1979]
Ashawnte' K Overstreet [1994]Marvin W Overton [1973]
Joseph A Owen [1977]Tina M Owen [1974]
Alfred E Owens [1975]Darlene K Owens [1975]
Glenna J Owens [1974]Jessica R Owens [1994]
Randall P Owens [1993]Roger Owens [1979]
Richard Owoc [1972]

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